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Nicholas Ballard is an experienced mortgage banker and broker offering the full range of loan options and products throughout California. Over the past 15 years, Nicholas and his team have assisted a diverse clientele with their financing needs and are well-versed at navigating the lending terrain specific to California’s varied housing markets. We are solution oriented and offer a broad investor network to accommodate most buyer's needs, with options for self-employed borrowers, those with limited down payment funds, U.S. Veterans, first-time buyers, or those with past credit issues.

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"Thanks again for your call today before the meeting. It was reassuring to go into the signing knowing what we were talking about. You are a first class professional and we feel extremely satisfied with our decision to work with you for our first home purchase. Thanks for everything you've done, above and beyond, to get us into the neighborhood we want at a price point we can comfortably afford, on track to close smoothly and faster than we thought possible, and leaving us feeling comfortable with every aspect of the transaction." - Caitlin R, San Rafael

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Pinnacle Capital Mortgage

Bay Area’s Leading Mortgage Bank

Pinnacle Capital Mortgage was formed in 2008, in the wake of the housing and financial crisis that saw the unprecedented FDIC closure of hundreds of banks. This allowed Pinnacle to hire the best and brightest talent and to start with a clean balance sheet. How does this benefit you? We are free to direct our capital toward aggressive pricing and performance. Our management is focused on service and offering our clients a broad scope of loan options. All of which explains our position as one of the fastest growing and most highly rated mortgage banks in the country.