Why Pre-Qualify?

It's helpful to see a mortgage professional first, even if you haven't decided what sort of house you hope to find. Why? If you do not know yet how much house you want to qualify for, what could we help you with?

We Will Help You Pre-Qualify

When we pre-qualify you, we help you find out the amount in mortgage payments you can fit in your budget, and how much we of a loan you will qualify for. We will do this by reviewing your debts and income, your employment and residence situations, the funds available for a down payment, required reserves, and other financial considerations. It's short and basic; We keep the paperwork light.

Once you qualify, will present to you what's called a Pre-Qualification Letter (your real estate agent might refer to it as a "pre-qual"), that documents the fact that we are helping you to find the ideal mortgage loan program to meet your situation and that we're confident you'll qualify for a loan for up to a certain amount.

Power in the Pre-Qual

Several beneifits open to you after you've found your new house, and have pre-qualification. First, it lets you know how much you are able to offer. Even more important to the seller, your pre-qualification letter gives them certainty - as if you'd entered their house with a bag of cash to back up the offer! They will not have to be concerned they have been wasting their time if you don't be able to qualify for a big enough mortgage. The seller of the home won't be concerned that he can't count on you to qualify for your mortgage in the amount you will need.Your qualifying for the necessary mortgage loan amount won't be something for them to fret over. You have the capability to back your offer up.

We can help you pre-qualify

We can help determine how much of a mortgage loan you can afford, and the amount of money you will be able to borrow, by taking you through pre-qualifying. In the process, we look at your ability to borrow - analyzing your job, available money for down payment, debt, income, and other areas. We as for a minimum amount of paperwork, and avoid a lengthy process.

One on one

While you are able to benefit from our tools to calculate mortgage variables on this website, it's essential to sit down and talk with one of our mortgage professional team members. That way, we'll be able to help you get your pre-qualification letter. Next, we can consider your mortgage program options and be sure you have found the best one. We're eager to meet with you: call us at (415) 453-6200.

Have questions about pre-qualifying? Call us at (415) 453-6200. Pinnacle Capital Mortgage answers pre-qualifying questions every day.

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